Our committment

In the coming decade, Germans will inherit assets worth two trillion Euros. More than one third of all marriages will end in divorce.  

Especially in cases where the structure of assets and incomes within a family is complex, foreward looking contractual arrangements covering divorce and succession are necessary. 
This applies particularly to cases where one of the parties is an entrepreneur. In these cases, we work closely with our specialists from other departments, in particular those in company and real estate law, but also labour and tenancy law, in the design of documents.

Yet, even in cases where the circumstances pertaining to income and assets are seemingly not manageable, lengthy and persistent disputes can be avoided by making transparent arrangements ahead of time. Over many years of extensive experience, we have become familiar with the factors which trigger such disputes and know precisely what needs to be taken into account when drafting marriage contracts and contracts of inheritance.  

In the interest of our clients, we strive to settle inheritance and divorce cases amicably, as experience shows that persistent disputes in succession and divorce cases rarely pay off. Likewise, we are aware that the positions in these highly emotional disputes, which sometimes threaten the livelihood of those involved, are so often deeply entrenched, that an amicable solution is no longer possible. Hundreds of court proceedings have taught us the risks and pitfalls of each type of procedure as well as the particular opportunities they offer. Both a fighting spirit and creativity are instrumental in reaching the desired outcomes for our clients.

In cases where, despite the conflicts, all parties still show a willingness to communicate and deal directly with each other, we offer mediation processes. In disputes (incl. financial) between the parents of a child or within a family, these processes have the particular advantage of avoiding the kind of damage that court proceedings can wreak on the relationships between the parties involved, with the parties’ willingness to communicate not being irrevocably destroyed. Moreover, successful mediation is a lot more cost effective for all involved than litigious disputes.

Areas of law

  • Family law, alimony and property disputes
  • Family law, division of real property and loans
  • Family law, marriage contracts, pre-nuptial agreement and contracts for unmarried cohabiting couples
  • Family law, right of custody and right of access disputes
  • Family law, seperation and divorce
  • Foundation law
  • Hunting law
  • Inheritance law, company succession and foundations
  • Inheritance law, execution of will
  • Inheritance law, gifting and anticipated succession, asset succession
  • Inheritance law, health care proxy and provision of care
  • Inheritance law, statutory share of estate and distribution of estate
  • Inheritance law, wills and contracts of inheritance
  • Labour law/employee
  • Mediation/Family and Inheritance law
  • Service contract law/employee


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